Avante-Garde Caen Postponed the Match against Vire

Football players have to be in good physical shape to withstand a half-hour run across a huge field. That’s why people who aren’t familiar with sports are surprised by the abilities of professional athletes. But despite the great conditioning of body and mind, a person is still vulnerable to smaller opponents!

the Avante-Garde Caen club’s September began with extremely bad news about the illness of several members. The team had an important match ahead in the French championship qualification, but rules are rules. Positive results on Covid forced the coaching staff to ask for a postponement of the meeting.

Faced with several positive results of the Covid-19 virus, the football club’s management from Caen sent a request to the Normandy League asking them to set another date for the match. The next date of the important event will be chosen next week.

Although the epidemic of the virus has passed, there are new outbreaks all over the world with varying frequency. September and the transitional period between summer and fall are traditionally considered dangerous times for people prone to illness. Athletes are no exception.

Fans are upset about the cancellation of a promising match, but no one is in a position to do anything about it. The decision to postpone the date has already been made and the public will have to wait a little longer to see their favorites on the field.

Both teams showed themselves at their best at the beginning of the season and won their first battles by a landslide. Their meeting promises to be spectacular and extremely interesting. But officials have already notified the journalists that the game will not take place this Saturday due to several instances of Covid in the ranks of the Caen outfit.

Restrictions caused by the recent pandemic are being lifted around the world, but security measures have not been canceled. The Normandy League, as the governing body, is responsible for the health of football players and spectators, so it must comply with all recommendations of the French Ministry of Health.

The management of the football association has not yet adopted clear rules regulating the rules of conduct in connection with the threat of disease, so the only correct decision, in their opinion, was to postpone the match. The Competition Commission has given its explanations on this situation and refers to the decision of the French Football Federation.

It is worth noting that back in late summer, the Federation adopted a protocol on health, but there is no mention of the conditions of the postponement of meetings between the clubs.

Therefore, the decision looks a little confused and argued primarily by the absence of clear rules of conduct in such situations. The Competition Commission has already announced an unscheduled meeting, in order to develop a protocol against the spread of Covid-19.

Vire President Bruno Belas also gave a short interview about the problems. According to him, the governing bodies of the championship made a big mistake by not dealing with the issue in time. Since there was no regulatory framework, they could have easily refused to postpone the match and the opponents would have been automatically defeated.

He showed good faith and, understanding the unforeseen circumstances, agreed to meet the requests of Bruno Belas, President of AG Caen. But he pointed out that this kind of thing must not happen again. And the commission must urgently take the necessary decisions to keep other clubs from unpleasant situations in the future.

No one alive today knows how much more humanity will suffer from the Covid-19 virus, but that does not mean that it cannot be dealt with. All football players, fans, coaches, and other officials are taking steps to prevent the disease. And it is the only right thing to do in such circumstances!

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