Avant-Garde Caen Suffers against Saint-Lo

The football club from Caen regularly plays in major national and international tournaments. At the same time, the team often occupies the top positions in the rankings, and the squad members get the titles of the best players in certain categories.

A recent match took place against Saint-Lo. Fans were expecting a hard and long match, which turned out to be such. Both clubs put the best squads of star athletes on the field and fought to the last to win. During the game, there were several moments that deserved the attention of the audience.

Qualifying matches are crucial, as winning them gets athletes closer to making the playoffs in the country’s most prestigious tournament. Avant-Garde has not won a national football championship in a long time, and this season they’re clearly trying to break the losing streak. But the team’s results leave a lot to be desired.

But analysts say that the athletes have a great chance of making the playoffs, and then everything depends on the opponents. The coaching staff did a good job and prepared the pupils before the difficult confrontations. That’s exactly what the match against Saint-Lo Manche was.

The confrontation was tense and the rivals were on equal footing. The officiating crew decided to call a penalty shootout, which also showed the incredible equality of the opponents. Only after the eighth penalty kick, Avante-Garde took the lead. Photos of the players from the field show how tiring the game was.

False Start Happened

The event started very poorly for the Caen natives, as they did not take advantage of their starting advantage and several chances. Potentially, the football game should have ended with a good advantage in favor of AGC, but fortune turned away from the athletes.

In the first half, the team failed to capitalize on several excellent chances against the opponent’s goal. In return, they got a very entertaining goal from Tony Lambard in the fortieth minute. Either the feeling of impending defeat or a few substitutions helped the men to pull themselves together and start playing like grown-ups.

he next big moment of the match was a goal by Kevin Gobe against Saint-Lo in the 45th minute. In both cases, the athletes showed the highest level of professionalism and technique of possession.

Surprisingly Prolonged Ending

After an excruciating 45 minutes of the first half, the athletes were exhausted and could not demonstrate the same level of tenacity. In the last ten minutes of the game, some fouls happened. Leon Valentin earned a red card in the 82nd minute and was sent off the field.

The Caen football team had to finish the event in the minority. But the competent defense did its job and the main time ended in a draw. Then followed an equally tense and lengthy penalty shootout.

The AGC position was saved by an unlucky shot from the Saint-Lo scorer, which sent the round beyond the goal. The meeting ended with a slight advantage for the club and much fan satisfaction.

The squad coach gave a short interview after the meeting and gave his thoughts. According to him, they were ready for a tough encounter after moving to the third league and were preparing with all their might.

e thinks it was quite likely that his charges would have won more quickly if they had taken advantage of the moments of the first half. But the coach was pleased with the athletes, the logic and consistency of their game. Olivier Meurillon praised his opponents, calling them strong players.

The red card played a big role, pushing back the hopes of the end of the event in regulation time. The team made the logical decision to win the penalty shootout. According to Olivier an important component of this outcome of the contest was a big rotation of the main squad.

After the first two games, the coach replaced six players in the starting lineup. The criterion of the main game sagged and should be worked on.

The public can see that the football club management understands the problems and their causes and is preparing to solve them. Therefore, all football fans can happily look forward to further matches of their favorites and see a great, spectacular game!