Interesting Information about AG Caen’s History

The sports organization in Caen was founded by three friends back in 1902. Most interestingly, the local priests from St. Sauveur Parish and Father Adam personally provided funding and help with the organizational processes.

Good communication between the men and the local church helped to attract a huge number of people in the first few months of operation!

Beginning in 1904, the headquarters was moved to 10 Froyd Street in Caen. Initially, children’s gymnasts were trained there. Helping children from different social strata to join sports and healthy lifestyles, the team gained momentum and already in 1905 officially opened the gymnastics association.

Activities during Wars

Recruitment for the football section did not open until four years after the club was founded, along with groups for shooting, cross-country walking, and karate. The year before World War I there was an increased demand for military training.

And company trainers responded to the need by training several hundred men to fight on the fronts. In 1914, sixty-four men went to the front to defend the country from the aggressor.

After the war ended, the association began to dawn. The leadership created several additional football teams, including a women’s team, built its own stadium, a new gymnasium, and much more.
Activities did not stop completely, even during World War II, and were conducted secretly.

During the bombing of the city, the buildings of the association were destroyed. But immediately after the surrender of Germany and the declaration of peace, classes resumed in full force. In the midst of the destroyed city, more than 350 people played football, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball every day.

In the sixties, the club’s students took first place in most disciplines across the country. Basketball and volleyball teams dominated regional and national tournaments. The same applies to table tennis and judo. The popularity and prestige of the academy have led to a significant increase in attendance. The total number of students got used to 1100 people!

Nowadays History

Vanguard Kaen met the 21st century in full swing in all disciplines. But gymnastics and football are of the greatest interest. In 2002, there were more than 550 gymnasts alone.

And Caen natives continue to dominate at regional and national levels in all sports.

Young people from all over France and neighboring countries prefer to join the Avant-Garde Club to improve their game and gain new knowledge. The training center employs more than 50 coaches, all of whom have received the necessary certification and education. Many of them have previously shown themselves to be good athletes in their disciplines.

Kaen Football Club is ranked at the top of the national league each season. The result is achieved through daily hard training with the best coaches in their own stadium. The developed training program surpasses those offered by the competitors.

Today, club members compete in virtually every league and at every level in both football and other sports. The head of the organization, his assistants and sponsors do their best to give the children and adult men and women an opportunity to enter the world of big sports and to show their best side.

The results of this policy can be seen with the naked eye. The team’s name is in the news headlines of the world’s major media, and the area’s residents experience every game of their favorite team as a celebration in their own right.

Special attention should be given to the women’s football section, which was established relatively recently, only in 2008. But in a couple of years of its existence, the pupils of the school have won several major awards. They won the PAN championship in 2015, the Maine-Normandy tournament twice in a row in 2014 and 2015, and the French Women’s Cup in 2010.

The men’s section has shown equally astounding results. Recent matches in leagues have shown the team’s overwhelming superiority over its opponents. The only setback was the Senior M3 tournament, where the club received two defeats in a row. But the coaches have repeatedly proven the ability to find and correct the mistakes of their charges in short order.

Vanguard Kaen is one of the best sports clubs in the entire country. For more than a hundred years, good and experienced people help the school’s students get better every day and shown the whole country their talents. Fans of the club are proud to wear the colors of Avant-Garde Kaen and invite you to join them in a healthy lifestyle!

Let us learn the history of our homeland together, become more athletic and healthier every day, and support our fellow countrymen in the difficult struggle for the championship in all disciplines!